Thursday, December 09, 2004

Where do we stand? | by Pat

Over on ndnation, SEE is offering up some insight into why everyone should relax and not read into every thing they read in the news.

They've got this thing clamped down tight, very tight.

Don't believe the rumors because people with high access inside the athletic department don't know what's going on right now. We've got sources and sources of sources who are clueless and guessing. These are people who under normal circumstances would know... and they don't.

In our opinion, that's a sign that professionals who don't like to lose are running the show.

We think we know what's going on right now and it is good, BUT... we're operating with a limited amount of information and frankly we don't want to know.

Here's what we do know:

Jenkins wants to fix football, he's a serious dedicated man.

So is JAG [John Affleck-Graves, executive VP]. If you've read about him, you know he may be green, but he is not a weak man and he wants football fixed.

Purcell is the CEO of Morgan Stanley, McCartan heads a prestigious law firm.

These are not people who panic, these are not people of weak will and they expect and are used to getting excellence.

These are people who are committed to academic and football excellence and are willing to take the public hit.

If you hear nothing assume it's good.

If you hear about Notre Dame on ESPN, assume it's wrong and intentionally harmful.

Monk lashing out at ND means that he's out of the process completely. That, in case you haven't been following is great news. He'll be the hit of the cocktail party circuit which is all he really cared about anyway. One thing is clear, he does not care about Notre Dame. The man who urged everyone to keep it in-house when he was getting his way threw ND under the bus when he lost out.