Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Meanwhile, on page D10 of | by Dylan

Amid the super cool BCS analysis and "ND is Dead" commentary, is something we already knew.

Key quotes:

The institute used NCAA statistics for the study. The statistics were taken from four freshman classes, beginning in 1994-95 and ending in '97-98, with each class given six years to graduate.

Of the four California schools going to bowl games, Southern California had the highest overall graduation rate at 58 percent, followed by UCLA at 55 percent, California at 48 percent and Fresno State at 40 percent.

and later:

Syracuse (78 percent overall, 69 for black players), Notre Dame (78 and 74) and Boston College (77 and 76) had the best graduation rates overall and for black players.

Hold on, Dylan. Are you suggesting that Notre Dame cared about academics and black athletes before Ty Willingham?