Monday, December 13, 2004

a Weis Reader | by Jay

Some recent bookmarks and links, collected from all over the web -- good ones, all worth a read. Perhaps I should just toss these out there en masse and let y'all pick and choose.

• Charlie Weis' Official Bio from the New England Patriots homepage.

• CSTV's comprehensive overview of Weis' career.
Bill Polian on Charlie Weis: "Charlie has proven to be one of the outstanding offensive minds in football. His teams are exceptional in their use of personnel, exceptional in the way they attack defenses, exceptional in the concepts they use. You've hired a guy who clearly is on the cutting edge of offensive football."
"Doing the Weis Thing",, 5/24/04:
"The bottom line is that Weis hungers to be a head coach somewhere, even in the collegiate ranks...He doesn't want to spend the rest of his coaching life in Belichick's shadow, just like Belichick didn't want to always be known as Little Bill...What Belichick is doing for his old friend is actually a favor. He is greasing the skids for Weis to become what he desperately wants to become."
"Mix Master -- Patriots offensive guru Charlie Weis will change up his style in a heartbeat", Sports Illustrated, 10/6/04:
"The cerebral nature of the Patriots' offense usually takes second billing to their defense, but it's a very high-toned affair, very high indeed, and you get the feeling it can operate any phase of the game if it chooses to. Make that, if Weis chooses."
• "Players, Weis, had a Real Connection", Chicago Tribune, 12/11/04:
"No, I love to move the football," he said. "I am known like that because that is what we have done to move the football. A lot of times, not stereotypically but philosophically, people say, 'Well, they want to throw it.' Well, I want to throw it because it works. If it's not working I don't want to be throwing it. So a lot of it has to do with what players you have."
(and three from Michael's Weis preview from last week:)

Just like he drew it up - an article from Notre Dame Magazine, this really sheds some light into Weis' background.

For Weis, creativity does the trick, Boston Globe, 2/1/02:

Weis, in his second season at the helm of the New England offense after two years calling the plays for the New York Jets, has long been known to throw in a wrinkle or two to catch the opponent off guard. He sees trick plays as a way to ''go for the jugular,'' but they also do something else: They make the game fun for his players.

''I think we look forward to practice to see what Charlie is gonna come up with next,'' said receiver David Patten, one of the Patriots' top tricksters. ''I think it helps guys stay focused, I really do. It's not the same old stuff. It keeps guys perked up.''

11/17/04 Charlie Weis press conference - some interesting lines about the ND job, how David Givens was used at ND and basic offensive philosophies.

• Finally, a very worthy link and something quite important to him, Charlie's personal charity, "Hannah & Friends." Hannah & Friends is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing a better quality of life for children and young adults affected by Autism and Global Delays.

As always, if you come across any other articles you think might be worth linking or saving, please don't hesitate to send them along.