Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Barry? | by Michael

BadgerNation.com: Source says "no way"

If there is no way that Alvarez would be interested in the Irish head coaching job, then why haven't we heard him say anything in the press? All it takes is a simple, "Thanks but no thanks, I'm happy coaching Wisconsin."

I am beginning to think that Alvarez is high up on the list at this point, and that he may end up being our next head coach.

If that's the case, although I was lukewarm at first, the more I read about Alvarez the better I feel. I didn't start following the Irish until '93 and so I wasn't around for the peak of the Holtz years. His offenses have always struck me as ordinary despite excellent talent at RB (Dayne, Fletcher, Davis) and WR (Chambers, Evans, ?) but that may be a simple matter of not being able to recruit great QBs. Luckily, the Irish have never had any trouble recruiting quarterbacks...heck, even Bob Davie was able to land three in one year, or four if you count Abe Elam who played the position for a day before moving to DB.

His staff consists of excellent recruiters and they go everywhere for talent...California, Texas and Florida. Not bad for a state school in Wisconsin. Not bad at all. They'd be able to fit right in at Notre Dame and our national recruiting.