Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Essential Charlie Weis | by Michael

Just like he drew it up - an article from Notre Dame Magazine, this really sheds some light into Weis' background.

For Weis, creativity does the trick - sounds like Weis would want to bring his 8-year old son to be his offensive coordinator. I have no problem with that - so long as the kid continues to draw up creative plays and doesn't blame the players for "lack of execution." Plus, I bet he'd come cheap. And labor laws for 8-year olds probably coincide with NCAA practice limitations.

11/17/04 Charlie Weis press conference - some interesting lines about the ND job, how Givens was used at ND and basic offensive philosophies...

The problem with Weis is that according to this article, he wouldn't be able to interview for any head coaching positions until the playoffs. Apparently the Patriots - in a change of policy from previous years - will allow coaches/front office personnel to interview during a one-week period during the playoffs. When during the playoffs I'm not exactly sure...but could Notre Dame wait that long to not only hire Weis, but simply interview him?

That is the question. From the articles, I think most will agree, he's at least worth an interview.