Saturday, December 11, 2004

As "The Weis Era" is approaching inevitablility... | by Dylan

As the CW settles on Weis (at least if our readership and the second interview are to be so interpreted), Karl (1of1) over at NDNation fires a parting shot at "Ed." Tough, but on the money.

As for Weis, I like his credentials in the same way I like a steak from Outback. Of the choices on the menu, it's not a bad option. The problem is, there's a Ruth's Chris across town. With a bit more sacrifice (some hungry minutes in the car, a little more money) we could have a more satisfying meal.

We're pulling open the door at Outback now, and I think we need to get back in the car. The longer we refuse, the further our options narrow and we risk getting served some gristled piece of horse meat.