Saturday, December 11, 2004

As "The Weis Era" is approaching inevitablility... | by Dylan

As the CW settles on Weis (at least if our readership and the second interview are to be so interpreted), Karl (1of1) over at NDNation fires a parting shot at "Ed." Tough, but on the money.

As for Weis, I like his credentials in the same way I like a steak from Outback. Of the choices on the menu, it's not a bad option. The problem is, there's a Ruth's Chris across town. With a bit more sacrifice (some hungry minutes in the car, a little more money) we could have a more satisfying meal.

We're pulling open the door at Outback now, and I think we need to get back in the car. The longer we refuse, the further our options narrow and we risk getting served some gristled piece of horse meat.

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  1. Boston Herald this morning posits the possibility of Weis both accepting the job, getting his Irish staff together, and finishing out the year with the Pats, all at the same time. They note this precedent:

    "Belichick was head coach of the Cleveland Browns [stats, news] in 1994 when Nick Saban, his defensive coordinator, accepted the head coaching job at Michigan State late in the year. Saban stayed on with Belichick and the Browns through the end of the season, which concluded with a win over the Pats in a wild card game and a loss to Pittsburgh in the divisional round."