Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Morning Doublebacking | by Dylan

While I stand by my previous post, I do believe that Charlie Weis is a very good choice to get the program back to where it has to be. As Michael points out below, the worst thing you can say about him is that he didn't turn Rick Mirer into a great NFL quarterback. Even the most cautious consideration of his record reveals a first-rate offensive mind. I think the greatest causes for joy are his consistent development of his quarterbacks (Ray Lucas?) and his commitment to owning the line of scrimmage through a power running attack.

Obviously, the biggest question mark is who he will bring in to coach the defense. But Coach Weis has been coaching in the bigs for a long time and I have no doubt he will assemble a terrific staff.

What gets me excited, in spite of the mess that led up to his hiring, is that we finally have a coach who will approach the job with an understanding not simply of the importance of winning, but of winning at Notre Dame. For all that we don't know about him, I think we can take for granted that he will not play for overtime at home against the defending National Champions. Ever.

We have hired a coach who is at the pinnacle of his profession and has chosen to change course and take responsibility for restoring Notre Dame to greatness. That alone is reason to celebrate.

Now, Charlie, about the green jerseys...