Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We is ND | by Jay

From this morning's Chicago Tribune:

[Friday] afternoon, Weis had a telephone interview with a six-member committee of players: quarterback Brady Quinn, tight end Anthony Fasano, offensive lineman Ryan Harris, linebacker Brandon Hoyte and defensive ends Justin Tuck and Victor Abiamiri.

"Talking with him then, as our head coaching prospect, I was excited," Quinn said. "I left the room thinking, 'That's the guy. We need that guy. However you can do it, make sure he accepts the job.'"

I love reading stuff like this. I love that we actually involved the current players in the process (especially Tuck, who now it seems is reconsidering a jump to the NFL in favor of sticking around for another year). And I love the enthusiasm Quinny shows in talking about his new coach.

NDNation's bound up a nice volume of Weis quotes and opinions to satisfy your appetite for even more background on Charlie (easily doubling our brief rundown yesterday). And the best part is the compilation of players' (and even a few recruits') first impressions. Check it out if you get a chance.