Monday, December 13, 2004

Nasty | by Jay

When's the last time you heard that in reference to Notre Dame football? (By my recollection, it's been since the pregame "scuffle in the tunnel" against Miami oh, about 16 years ago).

Just watched the announcement presser. While we wait for the official transcript for further commentary -- and boy, were there a lot of tasty morsels from Charlie today -- here's something to chew on. This blurb is from a review of Patriot Reign, the story of the '04 Patriots Super Bowl run:

Belichick and his staffers will rarely, if ever, say anything even mildly controversial when speaking on the record. I can't remember Belichick ever openly criticizing one of his players.

However, the book contains a few brutal assessments, many in extremely blunt terms. In the case of fullback and special teamer Patrick Pass it came as a surprise. For one, he's still with the team. Another is that you learn that coaches Charlie Weis and Brad Seely along with Adams share a special kind of contempt for the role player.

"The only thing in his defense -- and believe me, I can't stand the (expletive deleted) -- is that the quarterbacks like him," Weis is quoted as saying.

Seely asserted that he wasn't tough enough. Adams suggested running him off.
I like the sentiment. Tough, but brutally honest -- and I think we got a glimpse of that same attitude today in Charlie's official introduction.

Although I've come to detest Boston sports teams over the past few years, I may have to choke down my animus and pick up the book. A friend from Boston says it's got a lot of insight on our new admiral and how he operates.