Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Too Much [bloody] Perspective | by Jay

BGS compatriot and reader Tom points out a January 1, 2001 open letter to USC athletic director Mike Garrett about the imminent hiring of Pete Carroll at USC. The rhetoric feels familiar, doesn't it? A few quotes really leap out at you:

"You needed to hit a home run with this hire. This looks more like a scratch single."

"Carroll might end up being grand, but the perception in the here and now is what matters for a program that's on the wane. And that perception isn't good."

"Carroll doesn't know college football...I'm talking about things like academic issues, recruiting and dealing with alumni."

"Contrast that to the job search at Alabama. Marquee names such as Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer and Miami's Butch Davis seriously considered taking the job. In the end, the Tide got TCU coach Dennis Franchione [read: Urban Meyer -bgs], one of the hottest coaches in the college game."

"It was hard for you to believe people didn't fall over themselves to coach your beloved USC. But it's not that good of a job because it's not 1975 anymore."

Print out this article as a handy Bingo card for when ND finally makes its hire.