Wednesday, September 13, 2006

War Whoop | by Jay

Zibby's new haircut forces me to revisit my list of Top 9 Mohawks, an important index which I have been keeping and revising for some time now. It is filed in the BGS archives between Top 12 Manfred Mann Cover Songs and Top 16 Muppet Show Guest Hosts (Alice Cooper, #1). Anyway, I'm trying to figure out where to slot Zibby, and it's not as easy as it would seem.

Jay's Top 9 Mohawks, current edition revised 2005© (991.357Mo):

9. David Beckham
8. Mr. T
7. Marvin the Martian
6. Maddox Jolie
5. Wez from the Road Warrior
4. Travis Bickle
3. Chief Joseph Brant (Theyendanega)
2. the 101st Airborne
1. Joe Strummer