Saturday, September 16, 2006

It Could Have Been Worse | by Jeff

... it could have rained.

Rewind to Friday night, when I met a really cute girl who unfortunately turned out to be a Michigan grad. Unwisely, I didn't hold that against her, and I even agreed to coming up with a wager between us for the game tonight.

My first suggestion was that the loser would have to get a cat and keep it for a year; the winner would get to pick out the cat. (A special thanks to my friend Visalia Oaks manager Tom Seidler for dreaming up this type of bet a while back. And feel free to use these severe terms for your own wagers in the future.) Fortunately, she didn't go for it. My suggestions quickly moved to slightly more adult themed activites, none of which she was going for either.

Before the game this morning, we finally settled on the terms:

  • The straight-up loser of the game would have to do two shots.
  • Plus, I'd give her six points and the loser has to do a shot for every 3 points in the margin of victory.
So, lets take a look at what I've gotten myself into...

26 point loss 8 shots
6 point spread 2 shots
Straight up loss 2 shots
Grand Total 12 shots

Does anyone have an extra liver I can borrow?