Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Agony and the Ecstasy | by Dylan

For those of you without the stamina to read all of the comments to the Kickoff! post below, here's the abridged version:

8:41 pm, suave andrew - "this team is falling apart in front of our eyes."

8:45 pm. Sean - "I predict 35 - 0. Oh and bench Brady. If to just make him wake up." Quinn's final line - 20/37, 316 yards, 5 touchdowns.

8:51 pm, Nate - "I second the Bench Brady motion--our punter is our MVP...Oh, and fire Minter. Now. Get a new DC by the second quarter." Last nine Spartan drives - 101 yards, 6 points, 3 turnovers.

8:55 pm, Pantsb - "Anyone else thinks Rhema McKnight ... sucks?”

9:01 pm, Nate - "no touch, no accuracy whatsoever. Brady's lost whatever he had last year."

9:13 pm, Chuck - "Td - Rhema McKnight!! Do the Irish actually have it in them to come back??"

9:13 pm, scott - "Ok. My rage-fueled aneurysm will have to wait."

9:23 pm, Sean – “NM. Brady just threw an INT for a TD. The rout is back on.”

9:25 pm, Chuck – “Bring in Evan Sharpley!! Brady's not even looking to who he's throwing to!!”

9:29 pm, brian - “Will we ever beat Sparty?”

9:33 pm, brian89 - “Damn. I don't know if I can watch the rest of this game. You can't spot any team (let alone MSU) 24 points, and expect to win.”

9:56 pm, JohnWA - “Can we get Clausen a REALLY early enrollment? Like maybe by the second half?”

10:19 pm, DCDomer - “I have confidence that this team and Charlie will pull it together and pull it out.” A voice cries in the wilderness….

10:38 pm (MSU returns INT for TD), Sean – “Well, that's that.”

11:05 pm, JohnWA – “No way ND is coming back with this weather.”

11:18 pm, Chuck – “This game is playing games with my heart!!”

11:29 pm (after the missed PAT), PK - “Wow. I can't believe it. No matter what we do over the next few series, we deserve to lose this game.”

11:34 pm (Lambert INT for TD), PK – “Ho-lee shit.”

11:35 pm, scott - “Sweet mother of Jesus...”

11:38 pm , Nate - “My 9 month old is having a blast watching his daddy and mommy freak out...”

11:42 pm, obediah - “ugh, I wish I had alcohol in my system to dull my nerves”

11:46 pm, PK – “Did we just f'in intercept it?”

11:46 pm, Sean - “Excuse me while I do laps in my basement!”

12:32 am, Sean - “Beer tastes much better with a W.”

You can say that again, Sean.