Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Conference Call | by Jeff

With many teams wrapping up their non-conference schedules last weekend, now is a good time to take a look at the relative performance of each conference.

• The big winner in inter-conference play thus far this season is the surprising Big East. Not only did the Big East schools put up the most wins against other BCS conferences, they also kept their schedules relatively competitive, playing the fewest games against non-BCS and 1-AA opponents. They were also the only confernce who did not lose to a non-BCS conference, and joined the SEC and PAC-10 as the only conference who did not suffer a loss to a 1-AA program.

• Coming in a close second is the PAC-10, who at 6-4 has the highest winning percentage against other BCS conferences, however 3 losses to non-BCS teams hurts their resume a bit.

• The only other conference to post a winning record against the other majors is the Big Ten, who stayed above .500 at 7-6, but padded their schedule with 16 games against non-BCS teams (going 15-1) and 7 games against 1-AA (losing 2 of them).

• The SEC sneaks into 4th place, with a 4-5 record against other BCS conferences, and actually has the highest overall winning percentage against all schools thanks to a 14-1 performance against non-BCS conferences and a four game sweep of 1-AA schools.

• The ACC is tied with the SEC with a 4-5 BCS record, but three losses to non-BCS schools and another loss to 1-AA put them squarely in 5th place. Their overall winning percentage is a dismal 68%, putting them just behind the Big 12 for last place overall.

• The Big 12 has had a rough non conference season. A 3-8 record against other BCS conferences, six losses to non BCS teams, and another 1-AA loss put them squarely at the bottom of the barrel, although Colorado alone accounts for a significant portion of those woes.

vs BCS vs non-BCS vs 1-AA
4-5 12
9-3 7
Big 12 11
3-8 27
21-6 9
Big East 16
9-7 6
6-0 6
Big Ten 13
7-6 16
15-1 7
Notre Dame 4
3-1 0
0-0 0
4-5 15
14-1 4
PAC 10 10
6-4 12
9-3 3