Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pick Six, etc | by Jay

AP Poll here. Notre Dame drops to 12.

Pick Six update here. As you can imagine, all the ND pickers dropped like an anvil, while Southern Cal (23 points, group B), Michigan (20 points, group C), Louisville (18 points, group C), Virginia Tech (15 points, group D), and Oregon (13 points, group E) look like the best preseason bargains going right now. Miami (group C) is the only team ranked that highly in the preseason that has dropped out of the top 25 entirely. Amazingly, after three weeks of football only two unranked teams have climbed into the top 25: Boston College (6 points) and Boise State (1 point).

Big Tom Callahan from Sandusky, Ohio is all alone in the lead, with 100 points and the top team in every group (save Michigan). The Lo end of the Hi-Lo split belongs to Voidoid, whose picks of ND, Cal, Miami, Texas Tech and Stanford have him squarely in the basement with 22 points.