Saturday, September 02, 2006

I can't wait. | by Pat

I can't wait.
I can't wait for the Irish captains to walk to midfield before the game.
I can't wait for Travis Thomas to make his first tackle as a linebacker.
I can't wait for Rhema McKnight's first receiving touchdown.
I can't wait for the first Weis outburst on the sideline.
I can't wait for Victor to toss his man aside and get the sack.
I can't wait for Zibby to hit someone so hard he forgets his name.
I can't wait to see which kicker gets the call for the first field goal.
I can't wait to watch Darius find the hole in the line that no one else sees.
I can't wait to watch for the first bomb from Quinn to Samardzija.
I can't wait for Asaph Schwapp to lay out his first linebacker.
I can't wait to see all of the freshman making their first play for the Irish
The 2006 Notre Dame football season starts in a few hours.
I can't wait.