Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All-Access | by Pat

Kudos to UND.com for coming through with a solid performance on the video front for the first ND game of 2006. In addition to a pre-game show and Notre Dame-Georgia Tech series retrospective, they added the video of Coach Weis' post-game press conference as well as an interesting 6-minute long game tape analysis. The really nice part about the tape analysis is that they used the camera angles (end zone and sideline wide angle) that the coaches use and allows the viewer to see the whole field and take note of defensive alignments and wide receiver routes. Check it out.

UPDATE: with the endzone angle on the game tape, you're sort of "seeing what the quarterback sees." Check out the defensive alignment from the endzone angle on Brady's draw for a touchdown (about the 1:50 mark). The middle looks clear, and Sullivan gets off the line to hit the linebacker, springing Quinn for the score. From that angle, it looks a lot less risky than was feared from the booth.