Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Secret Decoder Ring Needed | by Pat

We usually find some funny stuff while scouring the web for ND-related stories and pictures, but this takes the cake.

In 1947, Catholic Comics (yes, Catholic Comics!) did a series on "Bill Brown of Notre Dame, a collegiate sports star who was once spurred on to victory by catching a glimpse of the school cathedral’s golden dome!"

You can check out our Ecclesiastical All-American in action here on the first three pages. But what really caught our eye (besides the exciting news that In This Issue, Ann Winslow!) was the team lined up against our Catholic Quarterbacking Hero. Those uniform colors look familiar...could they be...maize and blue? It's not an exact match, but who else could it be?

Just as Notre Dame is shown as the beacon of all holiness and light, it's pretty funny that Michigan, a team that ND wasn't even playing in the late 40s, is arrayed on the cover as the Forces of Darkness, hellbent on stopping our golden savior. To the thousands tens of kids that must have read this comic, the message was certain: the Wolverines aren't just interested in a win, they're also out for your eternal soul!