Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pick Six: pickin' six | by Jay

The first week's AP poll came out yesterday. I'm sure you saw it: we're #4. And with the advent of the AP comes the first update to the Pick Six. Hope you remembered your handle.

Pick Six, week 1

With so many entries this year (roughly 1,400) we had to split the results into several pages. We also added a couple of controls to let you sort it and page forward and backwards. One glitch we're working on: right now the rankings can't handle two teams ranked at the same position, as ND and Auburn are (both have 1,408 points in the AP and are ranked #4). For the first week we listed Auburn at #4 and ND at #5. So if you have ND as your Group A pick, go ahead and give yourself one extra point this week. Another fix for next week will be hyperlinking all the entries for those of you who blog about college football.

One lone entrant in the lead: Irish 57, with 92 points. Can he go wire-to-wire? (He's got BC as his unranked pick, so maybe not.) As you can see, anybody who picked Tennessee out of Group E (21-25) got a nice first-week bump.

This year we'll play a little Hi-Lo split as well. Voidoid is in the basement all alone with 41 points, where picks like Cal, Miami, and Nebraska haven't exactly panned out yet.

Results Summary
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Most Popular Unranked
Alabama 159 Michigan State 149 South Carolina 130 Boston College 102 Wisconsin 77 Georgia Tech 69 Navy 50 Pittsburgh 46 UCLA 46 Colorado 45 Boise State 41 Utah 39 Purdue 36 Texas A&M 31 Stanford 30 Arkansas 28 Fresno State 26 Arizona 24.

Handles We Liked
Lujack City
Ryan Harris' Pancake House
Rhett Bomar's Tax Return
Schwapps on a Plane
Can You Smell What the Brock is Cookin?

One Comment, You Know, For the Effort
"It's weird that mice like cheese, because its not a natuarally occurring food. You need human farmers with cows to make it. When they smell it, they must be like 'WTF? that's awesome'"