Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lights Out! Guerilla Video! | by Pat

We get a lot of great suggestions for story ideas, ND links, and plenty of other useful bits of information in our comment section and our email inbox on a daily basis. We appreciate all of it, and usually when we see something that we think others might enjoy too, we put it up in a post.

Well, yesterday we posted about NBCSports offering up full game videos and lo and behold, there was a comment from "IrishFan12" today mentioning that they are now also offering pre- and post-game shows, as well as live and streaming video of the band performing at halftime. At that time I was thinking it was interesting and started to work up a post about it for future posting.

But then I was reading another ND blog, MarkMayBeWrong and noticed the exact same comment, word for word, from someone named "Matt". This seemed a bit odd and I wondered if someone was going for some guerilla marketing. So I clicked over to some other ND blogs listed on our blogroll and found the same comment on nearly all of them. And then I found this.

"Question. Why is ND so awesome?"
Sure enough, a quick check of our IP logs shows that the initial comment on our blog from "IrishFan12" tracks back to a certain altaec1.nbc.com.

Come on now, NBC. All you had to do was shoot us an email and let us know about the additional online video coverage of ND football and we would have gladly posted about it. But this "hey guys, look what I found!" guerilla marketing move is pretty silly and sneaky, not to mention wholly unnecessary, for a major TV network. As penance, we demand that you switch around some of your on-air talent and get Dwight Schrute to be the new sideline reporter for all ND home games.