Thursday, December 29, 2005

"Quinn to Win" | by Jay

And it's official: Brady's coming back for another year of Charlieball:

"It really is best for me to come back for an extra year, get the tutelage from coach Weis that you can't receive in the NFL. He's not there anymore. He's here now. So why not utilize that as long as you can and go for every goal that you want? I want to win a national championship, and I think our team has the ability, without a doubt, to win it (in 2006), especially with the people we have coming back on offense and defense."

Weis was elated to hear Quinn's words, but not surprised.

"All I know is Brady and I have had extensive conversations," Weis said. "Like everyone, he's going to get squeezed by a lot of people, because he had such a prolific year. Why wouldn't those agents try to sniff around to try and get a part of him?

"He wants to set his sights at the top. Let's hope that people respect his wishes. He's one of my favorite guys, because of how he handles himself, not because of how he plays. And I think when he says it, you can believe it, because that's the way he is."