Friday, December 16, 2005

Do you feel lucky? | by Jay

Starting today you can call the ND ticket office to find out if you've won Fiesta Bowl tickets in the lottery.

We're curious how everything shook out, so we threw together this highly unscientific poll. (We also posted it over on NDN, so if you've already answered there, don't double up on the response.) Only enter if you sent in an application.

Take the Poll.
Enter once per application sent on your behalf (for instance, if you and your spouse both sent apps, take the survey twice).
Results shown here: Running totals.
Thanks for the response. This poll is for entertainment purposes only and the last time we checked, it was not certified by the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse.

Hope everybody going to the game is able to come up with tickets. And if you hear of any extras, let us know.