Friday, December 30, 2005

Black Tie Affair | by Pat has been doing a great job putting up photo galleries of the recent Irish practices in Arizona and featuring quotes from the players and coaches at the media press conferences held after each practice. Check out the photo galleries here and here.

Many of the quotes cover the standard pre-game questions about the skill of the opponent and how each player/coach is approaching the bowl game. But yesterday's presser ventured into the social aspect of the bowl week and Weis offered up this gem on Coach Latina.

On his plans for New Years Eve for him and the team...

"Oh, it is my favorite. I have to go to a black tie dinner. (Laughter) You can just tell this is something I am really looking forward to. Our whole coaching staff is going to it. But the best part of it, there is one really good thing about it, John Latina has not been in a tux since he got married. So I am really looking forward to it and we are going to make sure that we take a lot of pictures of that because he has been whining about it.
Did they get a tux for Coach Mendoza, too?