Friday, December 16, 2005

Film Session | by Jay

In case you haven't seen this Buckeye team up close and personal this year, ESPN Classic is showing three of this season's Ohio State games tomorrow, including both of their losses:

• 9am (ET), Ohio State at Penn State (L, 17-10)
Quote from Buckeye Commentary: "Put simply, the offense was an abomination at Penn State. Some of our problems can be attributed to Penn State's D and coaching staff, but we are so easy to defend. Our arsenal of plays may reach double figures in number."

• 3pm, Ohio State at Michigan (W, 25-21)
Quote from Buckeye Commentary: "Anytime you can go to Michigan, win and roll up nearly 420 yards of offense, it's always a very good performance. The offense did just that on Saturday. From the opening drive which they promptly took 80 yards for a TD, the offense was humming for most of the day...Troy Smith and Antonio Pittman were clearly the catalysts..."

• 6pm, Ohio State versus Texas (L, 25-22)
Quote from Buckeye Commentary: "Still, the D was nearly flawless after the first 2 series of the game. Forced fumbles and 2 INTs gave the offense prime field position most of the night. All 3 linebackers were excellent with AJ Hawk showing why he's the best LB in the country. The front 4 did yeomen's work by tying up the Texas OL so they could not release to the 2nd level. There were some other breakdowns (tackling and assignments) but all in all, a good performance, one that would win most games."
Set your Tivo, and be sure to give us your armchair scouting report. (Oh, and if you want to see a really great game, '88 ND-Michigan is also on tomorrow on Classic at 7am. I bet Gillette misses again.)