Sunday, December 11, 2005

Knee-deep in the hoopla | by Jay

A couple of weeks ago we were nominated for a "Best Sports Blog" award. Initially we were honored, but then we saw the field of nominees, noted the absence of EDSBS, and immediately declared the endeavor horribly flawed. (How does Heismanpundit get a nod over Orson and Stranko?) It's a bizarre list of candidates: on one hand you've got ├╝ber-corporate blogging conglomerate Deadspin, on the other end, something called "the Blockhole", which looks like it gets about twenty visitors a day.

We were going to ignore the whole contest, but frankly, our competitive nature got the better of us (that, and certain posters on the competitions' sites saying disaparaging things about Notre Dame). So we figured, if we're in this thing, we might as well make a run at it. There are only a couple of college football blogs in the field, and we're the only one with a ND connection (yep, they even left out Marco). And it bugs us that a blog covering a mid-market baseball team might eclipse Our Lady's University.

So, if you've got a minute, lend us a hand, and let's bring this home not only for us, but also for our favorite sites that were snubbed (see our links section), all our fellow ND bloggers, and the glory of the Dome. (If we win, Orson's promised to don feathers and a buckskin miniskirt and accept the award on our behalf, while we sip mai tais out of coconut husks somewhere off the coast of Bora Bora). Polls close in four days, and you can vote once every day. Thanks.

Vote here.