Monday, August 13, 2007

Open to the Public | by Pat

Last Saturday was the open "Fan Appreciation" practice and Jay already covered Charlie's take on the situation. The professional journalist recap of practice has popped up in the Chicago Tribune, Fox 28, Irish Insights, the Elkhart Truth, and the South Bend Tribune and for the take of fans who were at practice, The Rock Report did a good job of collecting a number of opinions.

We welcome others who were there on Saturday to write up their thoughts in the comment section. Some already have in other posts and you're welcome to re-copy them here for those that might have missed them the first time.

If you weren't there on Saturday, but want to express your opinions too, here are videos of the introductory practice report, the 9 v. 7 drills, every play from the 11 v. 11 drills, and practice highlights. Check them out and let us know your thoughts.

In reality, there isn't much to gain from all of this. The players weren't going full speed and everything being done was about as vanilla as you could imagine. More than anything it's just fun to watch the gold helmets run around in the Stadium again. Then again, there seems to be one common theme throughout most of these recaps, both professional and amateur.

Now, for another bit of BGS beta testing, here are some of the photos sent into BGS from readers Michael S., James C., and Joe S. (aka 'rocketshark'). We're hoping everyone can see all the various photos embedded in the post via Deigo's Pictobrowser. If you have more pictures, email them to us.