Thursday, August 30, 2007

Deciding your BCS future | by Pat

The latest group of Harris Poll voters has been released. For the third straight year, the Harris Poll will be replacing the AP Poll as part of the BCS Bowl rankings.

Many of the names from last year are back again, but there are a handful of new names.

The most notable, as far as ND goes, is the inclusion of Allen Pinkett. Most fans will also pick out that former ESPN talking head and current CSTV employee Trev Alberts is on the list.

If you recall, Notre Dame supplies a pool of nominated voters, from which three are chosen to actually vote in the Harris Poll. 1956 team captain Jim Morse is back again, who along with Pinkett likely makes up two of ND's three allotted voters. But who's the third? Gene Corrigan, Tom Hammond, and Roger Valdiserri are all back, meaning that none of them were officially ND nominated voters last year. Take a look at the list and tell me who I'm missing.