Friday, August 03, 2007

HCTI, 2007 | by Jay

This year Pat & I were again contributors to Here Come the Irish, just about the best Irish preview magazine around. HCTI is published by ND grad Jim Walsh's Maple Street Press, and it's chock full of great stuff.

Here's a snapshot of the table of contents:

  • a complete roster and depth chart review of the '07 Fighting Irish
  • a comprehensive breakdown of the Irish schedule
  • a preview of the ND offense
  • a profile of Corwin Brown from a Patriots beat writer for the Boston Herald
  • the "third year" crucible for Irish coaches, and how this applies to Charlie Weis
  • an analysis of recruiting under Charlie
  • a statistical look at the Irish on 4th down
  • how Charlie deals with crises
  • a look at the recruiting trail and the upcoming class of 2012
  • sizing up Brady Quinn's NFL prospects
  • a profile of Jimmy Clausen
  • a look at "impact freshmen"
  • an in-depth interview with Johnny Lujack
  • a retrospective on Angelo Bertelli
  • a look at some Irish milestones we'll be celebrating this year, including the anniversary of the very first ND football game
You can order HCTI direct from Maple Street, and it's also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you're looking for some quality reading material on the Irish to get you fired up for the season, check it out.