Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dayne's World | by Pat

The annual Elite 11 camp recently took place in sunny California and ND's Dayne Crist took part in the festivities with 11 other talented high school quarterbacks (yes, there are 12 QBs in the Elite 11). has a fun photo gallery of Crist from the event, including this sure-to-be repeated picture of Crist meeting Joe Montana. (caption contest.....go!)

Bruce Feldman picked up on the Crist storyline with a nice article about the latest Irish QB recruit. From the sound of things, Crist is ready to compete but isn't going to worry too much about starting right away, potential red shirt years, or anything else.

Rooney says he was surprised Crist chose the Irish over USC because he knew how much of a Trojan fan the kid was. He also knew that Clausen was being hailed as the Irish's newest hero. "But then [Dayne] explained his perspective on it to me and it sounded reasonable," Rooney said.

Crist still gets text messages from LSU, but says he's 100 percent set on going to Notre Dame.

"I am really comfortable with the situation," he said. "And really it doesn't matter when I play, but more that when I play, I wanna play great. And I wanna be as developed and prepared as I can be, so if that takes a couple of months or a couple of years I'll be happy."
Irish Eyes also has a great story on Crist's recruitment and what led him to pick ND over his hometown Trojans. He just sounds like a great kid from a great family. While everyone is focused on the Sharpley/Jones/Clausen trio fighting for this year's starting position, Crist is already becoming an ND fan favorite a year before he even hits campus.