Thursday, August 30, 2007

Game Day Primer | by Pat

Get yourself over to and bring up the All-Access feature. In preparation for the 2007 season, they have posted a 20 minute highlight video that covers just about every great Notre Dame play you can think of, complete with the call by Tony Roberts, Don Criqui, and others.

Miami in '88, FSU in '93, the Snow Bowl, Crable blocking Michigan's kick, the Chicken Soup Bowl, Rockne's Ramblers, video from Stepan Center pep rallies, Clement to Weber, the Green Jersey game, Rocket, and much, much's all in there.

Put this on repeat Saturday morning and you might not even make it to kickoff. Holy cow, I need to headbutt someone.

For those having trouble with the All-Access feature, here's a direct link to the video.