Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TT to LB | by Jay

More on Travis Thomas' tryout at linebacker from the SBT:

Thomas made sense because of his speed, because of his history as a standout defensive player, because he was such a good tackler on special teams, and because this gave him a chance to be a starter.

But it took awhile for it all to make sense to Thomas.

"There are a lot of things that run through your mind," said Thomas, who at 6-foot, 218 pounds won't have to gain or lose any weight to fit in. "And the first thing that goes through your mind is, 'Why me?' I had a good year last year. I had a really good spring.

"But then again, you start to think about the other possibilities. If I move and do great, then my stock's going to rise even more. And I have played the position before. And what it really came down to is me being on the field more and me helping the team win. That's my ultimate goal is for the team to win. And for me to make the move, I think that's the best option."