Monday, August 14, 2006

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Dome | by Jay

Charlie gave an extended interview to Fox Sports yesterday. It's broken up into several clips on the Fox Sports website (link is here, MS Internet Explorer seems to be required). After one clip plays, the next clip should load. Lots of great stuff, including a discussion of his long-term contract with ND:

Chris Myers: I think it was a few months into the job, you got this ten-year contract. I ask this because no matter what the contract says, you'll hear rumors that this [NFL] team might be looking at him, or that team might be looking at him.

Charlie Weis: Well, that's what we were trying to do. We were trying to end that...because by doing it the way we did it, it showed a commitment by both parties. It showed a commitment from ND to Charlie Weis, but it also showed a commitment from the Weis family to ND, saying, "We're not looking to jump ship the first time a better offer comes along."

Myers: There won't be that burning desire after all those years in the NFL, with the Giants, and--

Weis: I'm at Notre Dame...the head coach at Notre Dame. I mean, why would you have a burning desire to go anywhere else?

Myers: Well, there's the college versus the pro grame--

Weis: (sounding it out) No-tre-Dame...the University of No-tre-Dame...

Myers: (laughing) I feel like I'm being recruited here. Where do I sign, coach?

Weis: Well, I is something different.