Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Schwapp Hop | by Jay

Charlie at his presser today:

Question: Can you talk about [fullback Asaph] Schwapp?

Charlie Weis: Oh, he's one of the guys that, he never says boo. You'd never have to give him the ball. He doesn't have a selfish bone in his body. Alls he wants to do is hit people. That's all he wants to do. I wouldn't want to get hit by him. Pound for pound, he might be the strongest guy on the team. He's a 500-plus bencher. This is a strong man. But alls he wants to do is block and hit people. And it's kind of funny when we give him the ball...when we get into a 'pound it' mentality, the defense is not very happy. He might only get two yards, but somebody is gonna get hit.
Charlie said some other interesting things in this presser:

1. Sharpley seems to be holding onto the #2 QB job.

2. Mitchell Thomas and Vernaglia are both going to play at the SAM, and they're in a dead heat in terms of confidence from the coaching staff.

3. Grimes is the clear #3 WR, "and it's not close" according to Charlie.

The depth chart is starting to shape up.