Monday, August 07, 2006

Blogrollin' | by Jay

I've come to fix deine blogroll...

Just updated the Blog links down the righthand side of this page with a few new Irish-related additions. First up is Brian Smith's blog ND Weekly. "Smitty" was a reporter for Irish Eyes and BGI and now has his own site. Also check out MarkMayBeWrong, a group of domer grad students who are going to track the punditry and prescience (or lack thereof) of the major media players in the college football world. They're off to a great start with some in-depth analysis of the history of the AP poll. Finally, keep an eye on Irish Insights, a blog penned by Michael Rothstein of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. Some of my favorite sports blogs out there are actually kept by reporters attached to the local press, where they can initiate discussions and drop tidbits of info that wouldn't fit into the regular "beat" of the print edition.

If there are any other regular reads you think we should track, please don't hesitate to let us know.