Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Forced Perspective | by Jay

We've all heard the reports about freshman lineman Chris Stewart's massive body redefinition at the hands of Ruben Mendoza. Here's a "before" pic, from our post on his commitment last fall.

Well, he might be a little leaner, but he's still massive. Here's a shot of Big Stew (via ChestertonLep) from a recent practice:

Reports say that the man standing next to Stewart is actually 6-foot-1. How big does that make SeƱor Plow? I couldn't tell from the photo, so I sent it over to a crack team of Michigan photo experts for further analysis. These were the guys that gave us this, so you know they don't mess around.

Good news! From their analysis, we now know that Chris Stewart is actually 8-foot-6:

Adjusting for height/weight distribution, that would make Stewart about 612 pounds. Those are incredible results from Ruben Mendoza and his team of trainers. Ole!

But then there's the bad news. While Stewart may have developed into the Berlin Wall, the training regimen had disastrous effects on linebacker Anthony Vernaglia and defensive back David Bruton: