Thursday, October 27, 2005

Schefter-riffic | by Jay

Just picked this one up off the wire.

Michigan Football Faces Allegations?
by Myron Brabble
special to BGS

At least one college team has found out that it might be the subject of NCAA penalties this off-season.

The University of Michigan has been under scrutiny from the NCAA before, most notably for a recruiting scandal involving the basketball team. This time, it might involve football. "I wouldn'[surprised]", said one high-ranking official. Michigan is one of the premiere football programs in the country, and a scandal, if it transpires, would be disastrous.

If any severe allegations are proven true, Michigan would get the death penalty from the NCAA for up to ten years. Alabama, an elite program just like Michigan, once received the death penalty from the NCAA, so there is precedent.

As it is now, the NCAA has been quietly investigating several teams behind the scenes, possibly including Michigan. This doesn't mean that Michigan has committed violations; it just means it might be under consideration. But this is a developing situation sure to get lots of attention in the weeks to come.

On average, there are numerous NCAA violations each year in college football. And Michigan might be linked to some -- guaranteed.