Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lost? | by Pat

As was somewhat expected, the attrition from the publicly committed recruiting class started with 5-star defensive end Chris Martin announcing that he was decommiting from the Irish and focusing on four other schools.

Grandview defensive end Chris Martin told me via text message Tuesday night that he has decommitted from the Irish and has narrowed his short list of schools down to Florida, California, USC and Oklahoma.
Martin's recruitment has been a wild ride since he committed on Signing Day back in February. Since then he transferred from his California high school to New Jersey, but before officially enrolling switched to his cousin's high school in Colorado. He had been rumored to be looking at other schools as Charlie's job security got weaker by the game and now that Charlie is officially out, so is Martin.

It should go without saying that ND could very much find itself back in the mix depending on who the next coach is, so all is not over with Martin. When Ty was fired, David Bruton decommited along with Brandon Harrison and Martin Fierson, but Bruton recommitted to Charlie while Harrison and Frierson headed for Michigan and Georgia Tech, respectively.

The good news is that Martin appears to be one of the only current commits seriously looking around. Many have given rather strong statements to the various recruiting sites that they are still committed to the Irish, so hopefully attrition will be limited this go-round and the bulk of the class will stick around or at the very least wait to see who is hired.