Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Point of Order | by Pat

I've seen this mistake in enough articles that I think it warrants a brief public service announcement.

Despite what some sports journalists might claim, Notre Dame will not be paid $14 million dollars for an appearance in a BCS bowl this year, should they be invited. Sure the $14 million dollar reception! or $14 million dollar interception! proclamations make for good copy, but they are also factually incorrect.

Under the new BCS rules, enacted in April of 2005, Notre Dame will receive the same $4.5 million dollar conference share as any other BCS team. If the Irish fail to notch a BCS bowl bid, the team will receive approximately $1.3 million from the BCS -- a figure similar to what all non-BCS teams from BCS conferences receive-- as well as the bowl payout of the game that selects the Irish. The Gator Bowl is a likely destination if the Irish fail to land a BCS game and has a $2.5 million payout, which combines with the $1.3 million to give ND a grand total of $3.8 million.

That means that Jeff Samardzija's fantastic 45 yard yard catch and run on Saturday was not a $14 million dollar play, but rather a $700K play. Not quite as attention-grabbing is it.

While we're on the topic, here are the new revised rules for ND and the BCS. Notre Dame has to win nine games and be ranked 12th or higher in the BCS poll in order to be eligible to be selected. If the Irish win nine games and end the season ranked 8th or higher in said BCS poll, they are an automatic selection, akin to the conference champ from the six BCS conferences.