Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buh-Bye | by Jay

It's been a hectic six weeks -- flying to Atlanta, hitting the home games, the Spartan spectacular, and a wedding down South last weekend. Finally, a Saturday to camp out and watch some football from around the country (and work on some of the posting backlog I have in draft mode right now). I have Gameday on in the background this morning, and it's wall-to-wall Tebow. Tebow-Tebow-Tebow. Tebow. Tebow.

My viewing sched (thank you, ESPN Gameplan):

12pm: flipping between Syracuse at West Virginia and Minnesota at Wisconsin. Curious to see what Steve Slaton is all about; despite the near-weekly Thursday appearance of the Mountaineers this season I haven't seen him yet. Minny-Wisco is strictly sentimental, as I come from hardy Midwestern stock and seeing these two earthy giants club each other is more fun than the smorgasbord at Shakey's.

1:30pm: Rutgers at Navy. I can't believe it, but this has the potential to be the best, most competitive game of the day. Maybe I'll flip over to the Northern Illinois game to check out Garrett Wolfe, but probably not.

3:30pm: UCLA at Oregon. Things I'll be watching: new starting QB Pat Cowan, the statistically-relevant UCLA defense (and how Oregon attacks them), the Bruins cheerleaders. Ohio State at Michigan State is going on at the same time, but I expect a blowout. I'll probably also take a gander at Mizzou (6-0) versus Texas A&M during the commercials.

7:45pm: Florida at Auburn. A high-flying, back-and-forth roller coaster, or another couple of SEC offenses gumming each other to death? Given the way the Tigers were exposed last weekend, I have to think the Gators are going to roll. Tebow.

8:00pm: Michigan at Penn State. Mother Irony would have Penn State beating the Wolvies, in a 40ish to 20ish blowout. The perfect circle. I don't think it's going to happen.

8:05pm: Mets at St. Louis. Let's go redbirds.

First beer in a couple of hours. Pull up a chair.