Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pixacatto Six | by Jay

(Like Officer Tim McCarthy, I've resorted to recycling my best post titles for the P6.)

Talk about stasis. The AP Top 10 is virtually unchanged from three weeks ago; 1-8 has been exactly the same for three weeks running, with only Georgia & LSU swapping spots at 9 & 10. The bottom part of the ranking had some reshuffling, with Virginia Tech and Iowa dropping down.

Here's the Pick Six. Group F (Unranked) is still not having any impact on the contest yet. The overall leader at 93 points, FourthandNine (heh) is garnering zero points from the unranked slot. Wyndycity and Davikowski are still vying for the booby prize, now joined in the basement by ILuvLloydCarr with 26 points apiece.