Friday, October 20, 2006

the Bruins of My Expertise | by Jay borrow a line from John Hodgman. Herewith, an Index of Complete World Knowledge, Compiled with Instructive Annotation and Arranged in Useful Order, by Us, the Blue-Gray Sky, Professional Writers, in the area of matters pertaining to Notre Dame, UCLA, and Most Other Subjects, inspired by, and to be continued and expanded upon by our Gentle Readers in the Section of Commentary.

Blue & Gold
"True" Blue & Gold
National Championships, Football 11 1/2
National Championships, Hoops 0 11
Campus Landmark
the Golden Dome
that one place from Revenge of the Nerds
Haunted Building
Washington Hall
Pauley Pavilion
Average Snowfall
70.9 inches/year
Record vs Southern Cal
Defensive Scheme
Bend, Don't Break
Fly to the Ball
NFL Influence
Weis (Pats, Giants, Jets), Bill Lewis (Dolphins)
Dorrell (Broncos), DeWayne Walker (Redskins, Giants, Pats)
Favorite Lou
Metrosexual QB
Brady Quinn
Troy Aikman
"the University of Navy scares the hell out of me"
Pat Cowan was "coughing up blood"
Highest Potential, unreached
Arnold Ale
Arnold Ale
Vaulted to #1 in 1988 When
UCLA lost
ND beat Miami
Jim Colletto
Horrific Offensive Coordinator
Pretty Good Line Coach
Nobel Prize Winners
Do we have any?
Cult Hero Who Died an Early Death
James Dean
NFL Placekickers
John Carney, undrafted, 403 career FGs and counting
John Lee, 2nd-round pick, 8 career FGs
Best Gameday Tradition
the marching band "step-off"
Hitting Urban Outfitters on the Promenade
Health Care
the Infirmary ("What you need is a good bleeding")
the world-famous UCLA Medical Center
Musical Alums
Umphrey's McGee, Ted Leo
Linkin Park, Jim Morrison
Average Walking Time from Dorm to Stadium
5 minutes
not yet attempted
Sci-Fi influence
a Genius Robot
George Takei
Ritzy Neighborhood bordering north side of campus
Bel Air