Monday, October 10, 2005

Six Picks | by Jay

Pick Six Standings updated based on the latest USA Today/Coaches poll. Out of Group D (teams ranked 15-20 preseason), only Cal is still ranked; Boise State, Arizona State, Texas A&M, and Purdue have all dropped out. Alabama's making some of us look like geniuses. Too bad more people didn't gamble on Florida State or Georgia; picks in Group C went like this:

# picks
louisville (19)
264 47%
florida (13)
148 26%
georgia (4)
73 13%
auburn (20)
38 7%
florida state (5)
36 6%

Wrigleyville jumps into the lead with 113 points.

In the BlogPollers' division of the Pick Six, I'm still the master of my domain.

A couple of ranked battles to keep an eye on this week: #17 Michigan State at #15 Ohio State, #23 Wisconsin at #22 Minnesota, #24 Colorado at #2 Texas, #13 Florida at #8 LSU...and one other one that I'm blanking on.

Just a reminder...the first BCS standings come out next week, on October 17th.