Sunday, October 30, 2005

Charlie Weis: Head Coach | by Pat

Just a great article by Jeff Carroll in yesterday's South Bend Tribune that covers the one year Coach Weis spent as the head coach of Franklin Township High School in New Jersey before he took the job with the New York Giants. There have been untold numbers of background stories and puff pieces done on Coach Weis already, but this story really does a great job of highlighting a stop on Charlie's resume that's been mostly overlooked.

Carroll covers how Weis, an assistant in South Carolina, made the move to head coach in New Jersey, and what he did once he had the job. As much as we mention how Weis learned at the feet of Parcells and Belichick, the similarities between what Charlie was doing with his high school team in his pre-NFL period and what he's doing now at ND are interesting. Highly recommended reading.

"The best team he ever had."