Sunday, October 30, 2005

the fine print | by Jay

Two articles with two different takes on the contract news. Check out the different ledes.

Hansen, in the SBT:

It was fitting really, that while the sports world was busy trying to measure Charlie Weis' loyalty to Notre Dame this past week, Weis was carrying on with business as usual. His actions spoke louder than any careless article or any verbal response he could have made to end speculation that he would bolt for the NFL as early as the end of this season.
And Mariotti in the Chicago Sun-Times:
You think Charlie Weis drew up devilish strategy against a spooked USC, a dizzy Dave Wannstedt and the rest of a dazed college football world? Consider the game he just won against Notre Dame's power brokers, big-city lawyers and campus priests. The other day, reports [wink-wink] began to surface that Weis, the most creative offensive mind in football today, could be headed to NFL riches if the Domers weren't careful.
Well, one of these articles is worth reading, anyway.