Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bet Settled | by Jay

As per the terms, let's settle up with Boi from Troy. He sends this note, along with the picture...

Thank you to Blue-Gray Sky and your readers for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the USC-Notre Dame Game—and to share your thoughts with my readers.

Despite all the hype about the GAME OF THE YEAR, I don’t think any of us could have imagined exactly what transpired on Saturday.

Notre Dame has a damn good team, and you should be proud of them—and of Coach Charlie Weis. Coach Weis says that a loss is a loss and there is no moral victory in it, but I disagree—during those brief moments when the Irish rushed the field, even I felt that ending the streak, against that Notre Dame team, on that field, under those circumstances, would have been the best way for the streak to end.

In my preview, I said that Zbikowski and Samardzija were the two players who scared me most—and boy did they put the fear of god into this Trojan whenever they got near the ball on Friday. Now if they could just change their names to something I could spell.

So the bet between BGS and BFT was that the winner would get to post a picture of their choosing on the other site. I didn’t want to taunt anyone or anything with my picture selection, so I chose this picture of Brady Quinn which is popular with my readership because, after Saturday, I recommend that he no longer wear any green jerseys.

Brady Quinn and "friends" spring
breaking on the shores of St. Joe lake

Thanks for the bet, and congrats on the big win. Here's to next year, an Irish victory, and a picture of a shirtless Ed Orgeron appearing on the BfT site...