Sunday, January 23, 2005

Protégé | by Jay

Tip of the hat to Hobbs over on NDN for pointing out two fine articles on Charlie from Sunday's NY Post.

"Charlie Hustle"

He was a fat, obnoxious loudmouth that didn't fit in," said Jim Washburn, a South Carolina assistant at the time and the current Tennessee Titans defensive line coach. "Everybody thought he was a [jerk] and then he became one of the most respected and loved guys down there."

"Jersey Guy Wearing Two Hats - And Both Fit Fine"

"Belichick had a significant role in getting me this [Notre Dame] job," Weis said. "They talked to Parcells a couple times, too. I'm full of gratitude toward Belichick, who helped me get the job and has made this transition period relatively easy, and also Parcells, because they called him and asked him if I was right and he recommended me for the job.

"Belichick and Parcells are the two reasons I was in position to get this job. I would not be in pro football if it wasn't for Parcells and I've grown even more since I've been here with Belichick."

Good stuff.