Sunday, January 30, 2005

Feeling Super. Thanks for asking. | by Jay

One byproduct of Super Bowl week is the glut of articles sifting through every aspect of the upcoming bout, no matter how trivial (in the past week I've read about Freddie Mitchell's new country music album, the dearth of limousines in Jacksonville, and the ongoing growth of Patriots superfan JJ Feigenbaum's lucky beard). So it's no surprise to see some Charlie Weis stories trickling in amidst the filler.

J.A. Adande of the LA Times keeps the drumbeat of fluff going with this short profile, which is notable only because it's the first time I've seen Rob Ianello quoted in an ND story. But in keeping with the spirit of super-intense, Super Week scrutiny, I pass it on to you. Just doing my part to prove Boyle's Law of Thermodynamics (gas expands to fill a vacuum).