Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bright Lights, Small City | by Mike

No one will ever confuse South Bend with NYC or LA. But when it comes to college football, the lights shine as brightly in South Bend as anywhere else. This is exactly what Lawrence Wilson is discovering as he mulls over his college decision.

Wilson, an athletic TE/DE, originally committed to Notre Dame under the Willingham regime, but withdrew his commitment upon Willingham's departure. Wilson's decommitment touched off a recruiting frenzy, as Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan leapt at the opportunity to secure his pledge.

However, it is the recruiting efforts of Charlie Weis and his staff that have thrust Wilson's name into the national spotlight. Because he was being recruited by Weis, Wilson has already been mentioned on Monday Night Football. Not many high school prospects can make that claim.

Recently, Wilson received a recruiting visit from seven (!) Notre Dame assistant coaches. While many college coaches employ innovative tactics in their attempts to secure commitments, it's no coincidence that such efforts become national stories when Notre Dame is involved. To wit, the latest from

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame wants to make sure that a high school defensive end from Ohio knows he's wanted in South Bend.

Seven coaches showed up at Lawrence Wilson's home in Akron, Ohio, on Sunday. That's the maximum number of coaches allowed on the road recruiting at one time.
Do you think this would have been a story on ESPN for any other school? Apparently this isn't an unknown recruiting tactic, yet for some reason, when it happens with ND, it merits a headline.

Yep, the lights are a little hotter in South Bend. Hope Wilson has his shades.