Friday, January 28, 2005

Battle report | by Jay

From the Northwest Indiana Times, another dispatch from the recruiting front lines.

Defensive line recruit Pat Kuntz out of Indianapolis talks about the touch-and-go nature of the coaching transition, how he almost went elsewhere ("If he would have called a day later, I wouldn't have gone to Notre Dame"), and what ultimately sold him on ND.

Also a couple of good quotes from DJ Hord.

Another Irish recruit, wide receiver D.J. Hord of Kansas City, Mo., believes Weis' credentials will help the school's recruiting efforts as next Tuesday national signing date draws nearer.

"I really think what he's doing right now will play a role,'' Hord said. "With them playing for a Super Bowl title again, it shows that he's a coach who can win consistently. To me, his offense is outstanding, very impressive.

"It gets you excited about playing for him. I'm anxious to get up there, get to work and learn his system as quickly as possible.''
And a final note from Allen Wallace of SuperPrep magazine, on the recruiting benefits of playing in the Superbowl:
"It's basically all he has to sell right now, but that's a lot,'' Wallace said. "The fact that the man recruiting you can move the ball against any defense in the NFL, is a huge plus. Players thinking your coach, with his Xs and Os, can outscheme the opposition, I think that gives any team an enormous advantage. I think it would be a very big factor for any recruit to consider before he decides for or against playing at Notre Dame.''
You sort of wish David Nelson had connected the dots as Wallace suggests; instead, Nelson complained about the very thing that makes Weis preeminent. (Sour grapes, I know.)