Tuesday, December 07, 2004

He's out. And you're out, too. | by Jay

"And I don't think I'm in, either."

Well, Petrino's out. As Pat and I were discussing last night, this isn't really a great surprise. We all know Bobby's not long for Louisville, but he can only help his golden boy rep by pasting the Big East for a couple of years while waiting for a plum SEC job to open up. Why take a rebuilding mission under the Dome when you've got 1) the top offense in the country, 2) a weak schedule, 3) an easy path to the BCS, and 4) Brian Brohm about to take over?

(Sidenote: don't you love ESPN? The link to this article from their main page reads, "Luck of the Irish: Petrino staying in Louisville." They never miss a chance to tweak us.)